Harmony Blue Mug, Set of 6


Product Code:  34504

The Harmony Blue Mug, hard-wearing and stackable, can be used to enjoy a delicious cappuccino or coffee.
With a simple and elegant design, this tableware has an embossment on the rim and the appearance of porcelain.


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Enjoy a delicious cappuccino or coffee in the Harmony blue mug, which is hard-wearing, stackable, and has a simple and elegant design. The rim has an embossment and the appearance of porcelain, adding to its charm. It is perfect for use in gardens or outdoor areas due to its resistance and practicality. Despite its delicate design, Harmony brings elegance and distinction to your table with considerable weight. The top-quality melamine used to make this piece ensures durability. Don’t forget to complete your collection with the matching coffee set!


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