Ultra Chain Hook


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Ultra Chain Hook

Simple attachment to anchor chain under load using high break load marine grade stainless steel. available in sizes 6mm - 20mm please select the desired size below


Ultra Chain Hook

The Ultra Chain Hook or Chain Claw protects your windlass from constant chain pull. It’s easy to attach and disengages automatically during retrieval. It eliminates creaking sounds and transfers chain pressure to the mooring cleat, allowing you to fix windlass problems while anchored.


– 316 Stainless – Designed to withstand any environment, the Ultra Chain Hook is fully fabricated (not cast) from 316 stainless steel and hand-polished for immaculate presentation.

– Concaved Base – The concaved base design ensures the load is spread evenly across the chain link, avoiding potential stretching or weakening of individual chain links.

– Bridge Support – Provides strength to the concaved base of the chain hook ensuring it will not fail and prevents the chain link from dropping off.

– Rounded Edges – Rounded edges and smooth corners ensure it will not catch or hook as it lowers over the bow roller and is easy on the hands.

– Enlarged Opening – Enables the hook to be easily attached to a taught anchor rode avoiding a potentially dangerous situation if conditions are unfavourable.

– Rounded Entry – As above, assists the chain entry into the opening ensuring the link does not catch on the entry corners.

– Patented Design – Uniquely designed and manufactured, is a patented design and is the most advanced chain hook available in today’s market.

– Warranty – The Ultra Chain Hook is supplied with a standard three-year warranty.


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