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Ultra Anchor Ring

Anchor retrieval and recovery can be a challenging task, especially in emergencies. Ultra Anchor Ring is a tool designed to assist with this process by freeing the anchor when necessary. Additionally, it can add extra weight to the anchoring system, which enhances safety and permits shorter scope by reducing the chain length when the anchorage area is limited.

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The Ultra Marine Anchor Ring brings together two unique functions in one product. It is designed to replace a chain or rope weight, also known as Kellet. When anchoring with limited scope such as in a busy anchorage or a limited anchorage area, the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring increases safety by adding weight to the anchoring system. Adding extra weight to the chain reduces the vessel swing area and works as a shock absorber, thus improving comfort at the anchor by reducing boat movement.

Moreover, the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring is an important recovery tool. In conditions where entering the water is not possible or preferable, such as in cold water, rough sea conditions, or with dangerous wildlife around, it becomes even more significant. If you are unlucky and get caught on the bottom, using the Ultra Marine Anchor Ring can assist in your recovery prospects.



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