Uyuni Flameless Candles - Maxi White Wax Tea Light

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Hand poured virgin paraffin wax, looks and feel real but they don’t make a mess or release any toxins. Please call the office Ph 0756441250 if buying multiple for a discount.

6.1cm wide x 2.2cm high (2.4” x .87″)

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The new Uyuni Lighting Flameless Candle Collection are perfection!
The Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia are famous for crystal-clear night skies where the stars shine brighter than just about anywhere else on earth. Uyuni candles bring a sense of these distant galaxies right into your home with gently flickering candlelight…

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystery of the night, these beautiful hand-crafted battery-operated luxury flameless candles are all remote enabled, with timer and dimmer options, allowing you to personalise every occasion.

The Uyuni remote will work with ALL your candles.

Remote Control Specifications

The remote is sold separately on purpose, as you only need one remote control to turn on and off multiple candles. Be sure to read the instruction sheet that is included with the remote control, as the options are quite extensive. When first turned on, the candles will always default to the median level of brightness which is at 60% power


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