Quakehold! Museum Gel


Product Code: Q22111

QuakeHold! Museum Gel is a removable adhesive that secures glassware and crystal on solid, non-porous surfaces. Simply twist and lift to remove, leaving no marks.

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To use the gel, take a small amount from the jar and roll it into small balls. Place the balls at the bottom of the object, press it lightly, and twist it into position. As time passes, the gel will flow, creating a strong, invisible bond between the object and its base.


It is ideal for securing decor and breakable items from falling

Works on majority of surfaces

Easy to apply with its flexible texture

Non-toxic and non-damaging to your walls, surfaces, or furniture

Easy to remove and reuse without leaving behind residue

We suggest using Museum Putty for securing ceramics and other coloured items, especially on matte finish timber or porous surfaces.


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