Fendertex Fender FC207


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Fendertex Fender FC207

Colours: Black - Other Colours are available by order. See Product Gallery for Colour Range.


Fendertex Fender FC207

Dimensions: H 2000mm x 700mm Diameter – from Top of Neck to Base of Cylinder (measurements not including SS Rings or Base Attachment) Weight: 3500g


– UV resistant

– Simple inflation and deflation mechanism

– Minimum space required to stow

– Reinforced stitching on suspension straps

– 3 years manufacturer warranty

– Made & manufactured in France


100% polyester high and low tenacity mass-dyed yarn

Tubular knit

Able to manage air volume variations due to temperature variations

A confection made of a doubled suspension strap, 100% polyester

The strap on the lower part is made of polyester

Stainless steel D-rings



500% of elasticity

Adapted to the marine environment

Welded by high-frequency welding

Secure empty-fast valve

The polyurethane inner bladder is independent of the textile part so that it can be replaced in the event of a puncture


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